The origin of the Pleasant Hill Christian School (PHCS) building goes back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when it was known as Pleasant Hill School. During those public school years, Luther Burbank, who was a successful botanist in Sonoma County, planted a tree at the corner of Pleasant Hill and Watertrough Roads. The tree still stands today.

PHCS began in the summer of 1982 as a result of the vision of two experienced and credentialed teachers. It was their desire to provide children with a challenging and exciting atmosphere for acquiring knowledge that would be conducive to the development of Christian character and spiritual development.

In each ensuing year their ideas and methods have proven successful, and their influence of genuine love, care, and concern has done much in transforming attitudes and dispositions of the children.

The goal of PHCS is still the same – to provide each child with an excellent academic program, as well as to lovingly encourage spiritual development.

PHCS is an outreach ministry of Occidental Community Church** with its own Board of Trustees, consisting of men and women dedicated to the concept of Christian education. Each member believes that PHCS should offer a quality program both academically and spiritually.

PHCS is a dues-paying member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The Association, in return, offers legal assistance, teacher and administrative conventions and curriculum resources.

** “PHCS exists as a ministry outreach operated by Occidental Community Church”; as stated in the OCC Bylaws; Article IV; Section 1A; dated 9/25/08.